New Scientist Live


I attended New Scientist Live in September, a science festival at the ExCel in London, and reported on it for BlueSci magazine, in collaboration with Virginia Schutte of Real Life Science. Check out our write-up. And have a listen to our podcast below, live from the festival!



Nature Matters 2016

I recently reported from a New Networks for Nature meeting called Nature Matters in Cambridge. It was an interesting conference that combined both scientists and artists from the world of conservation, and you can read my write-up and listen to some of the speakers I interviewed in my article on the BlueSci website. You can also see Sir David Attenborough himself in the video below as he closes the meeting with a speech that left most of the room in tears of joy (I’m in the pink shirt).


Travel and Conservation at Steppes Beyond

I was invited to a travel and conservation festival hosted by Steppes Travel called Beyond, and I wrote about my experiences for BlueSci magazine. Check out my write-up which wrestles with the idea of tourism and conservation working together. Chris Packham and Jonathan Scott were among the speakers.scott-photography

The BlueSi Radio Show

BlueSci Radio logoI’ve taken on the role of Head of Radio for BlueSci, a science communication society at the University of Cambridge. We have a different guest on every week and discuss their research and a bunch of other science that takes our interest – hopefully it will take yours!

There’s two ways to listen:

– On the BlueSci website here

– On the iTunes Podcasts app – just search ‘BlueSci’ and hit Subscribe

Hope you enjoy,


Simon Moore, Tom Jameson & Simon Hoyte after recording Ep 8
Simon Moore, Tom Jameson & Simon Hoyte after recording Ep 8

Did Men Create Gender Inequality?

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.12.47
I wrote a piece for the BlueSci magazine blog. They’re a student run magazine at the University of Cambridge, and I’m their new Head of Radio. I shall be bringing you a science radio show in the next week or two – how exciting!

Did Men Create Gender Inequality?
Jessica Valenti would have us believe that “Gender inequality is a problem men created – now they have to help fix it.” I agree it’s a problem men must help fix, but I believe there is a fundamental biological reason behind gender inequality – that men are not responsible for creating the problem. And pointing fingers like that isn’t going to help the situation.

Have a read.