What the Health – an awful documentary

If anyone fancies watching the documentary ‘What the Health’ on Netflix I’ll save you the trouble.

This is a documentary that supposedly exposes some concealed truths about diets and health. Their main conclusion seems to be that eating meat causes diabetes, and eating sugar does not. They propagate the common myth that eating fat makes you fat (it doesn’t). And they will cause more diabetes if people watch it and eat more sugar as a consequence.

Their agenda is undoubtedly to promote veganism and meat-free diets. Reducing meat consumption is hugely important, as animal agriculture is a massive contributor to climate change. And over-consumption of processed meats in particular can have detrimental health impacts, but this film unnecessarily spreads abundant false information. It has a worthy cause but totally misrepresents the science and evidence in trying to pursue its goals. This can not only lead to less trust of scientists, experts and health organisations, but can actively push people towards unhealthy choices.

Therefore, I don’t recommend it. And it provides a perfect example of why you can’t believe everything you see or read, just because it has quality production value and some Dr’s in lab coats.

For a full debunking please see the link below.


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