Questions for Simon The Scientist

Following on from my last request for feedback, I’ve now got a new request for you awesome people: Questions. Many of my posts were inspired by a single question that someone asked me casually in conversation, which I attempted to answer in a rambling and lengthy reply. Later I realised I could do a much better job at answering it, which many more people might like to hear, so I took to the keyboard/touchscreen. So below are most of the questions I’ve attempted to answer thus far on this blog, as inspiration for you to fire away with any questions of your own in the comments section.

Should gay people be allowed to adopt?

What’s wrong with incest?

How the hell does cloning work?

Can religion co-exist with modern science?

Are ‘green’ products always superior?

Are humans special compared to the rest of the animal kingdom?

Shouldn’t we all be environmentalists?

Are we supposed to help our genes?

Is it unlucky to get cancer?

What’s the point trying to save the environment? It’s basically already screwed.

Post your own question below and I’ll do my best at answering it for you and everyone else who might be interested.

Thanks and you’re welcome!

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