Blogging Feedback

I’ve been writing this blog for about 18 months now and I’d be interested to know which posts my readers have found the most interesting. Generally I’ve found the greatest response to those ideas that were inspired when talking or debating with people.

If you could leave a comment below with the title of your favourite post(s), with maybe a short explanation of why you liked it, it would be greatly appreciated!! That way I can write more about what you want to read about.

Many thanks kind readers!

One thought on “Blogging Feedback

  1. I enjoy the posts which relate your thoughts and ideas to modern life as well as referencing our ancestors. It keeps it interesting and relate-able. I think it’s great when you reference other scientists and keep engaging with your peers and fellow researchers as it then opens up debate rather than simply being opinion pieces.

    It’d be nice to hear your thoughts on more current affairs and breaking news stories; eg. this or this highlighting the way some individuals and companies are attempting to go against the grain and make positive changes in the world!

    Also more pics please 🙂 x

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