Another World

It’s crazy to think that a parallel universe exists alongside our own, and people can jump in and out of it at will. It allows us to live double lives and be in infinite places at once. It provides jobs and augments people’s interactions with friends and family. Although it can provide entertainment, money and popularity to some, this universe has a dark secret; it does not really exist, except in people’s gadgets and minds. Despite this, it has a remarkable ability to pull people away from reality, enticing them to spend more and more of their lives inside its virtual space. So strong is its draw that people even use it to deliberately waste their own time, to waste their lives.

We call it the Internet.

Phonies on the beach/Instagram

3 thoughts on “Another World

    1. I mean that the parallel online universe does not really exist in a purely physical sense. It is almost like money. It has no real value or substance except through the agreement of members of society to treat it as though it is real.

      1. Well, of course, definitely! I was being a little tongue-in-cheek. I completely agree with your sentiment here.

        To the extent I have any serious point, it’s that lacking physical reality does not mean a thing doesn’t exist. The rules of baseball (or cricket in your case), the internet, money, these things are quite real and do exist for nearly all useful definitions of “real” and “exists.”

        Money certainly was once physically real in being based on rare metals or exchanged goods. We’ve abstracted that away, but anything I can use to obtain food and shelter seems very real.

        The internet, in some senses, is even more physically real in that there is a huge physical infrastructure that supports it. Even the patterns of information we exchange have physical reality in magnetic domains, moving electrons or glowing pixels. Without the physicality, it could not exist at all.

        That said, it’s certainly an abstract world in contrast to the concrete “real-time” world we stumble around in while face down in our devices. We’re definitely on the same page regarding “phonies”! 🙂

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