The Unbelievers: Science Trumps Religion

The Unbelievers

Watched a documentary today called The Unbelievers which follows Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss as they tour the world speaking about science and religion. They are trying their best to promote the open discussion (and abandonment) of religion, instead of it being protected as a taboo subject we are just expected to accept and live with. Why should all other aspects of society and culture be open to criticism and scrutiny while religion gets a free pass?

This film simply promotes the rather sensible idea that reason and evidence should guide our beliefs, rather than just old, fictitious stories, taken on faith. By using the scientific method we can hone in on the truth and discover the incredible wonders of the universe, and of our own lives. Science is willing and able to change as new discoveries are made; it doesn’t hold a position and refuse to budge out of fear and blindness. We may not yet have answered all of life’s questions convincingly but that doesn’t mean we need to cop out and cry miracle!

3 thoughts on “The Unbelievers: Science Trumps Religion

  1. My view is that this frames the issue in false light. There is considerable ground between the cold, hard light of science and the dark and dogmatic ancient religions. I completely agree we need to outgrow our mythological past, but that’s not at all the same thing as denying the possible metaphysical and spiritual aspects of reality.

    1. I’m not trying to deny the possibility of there being spiritual aspects to life, however in light of science I think it is extremely unlikely. Therefore it seems to me that spirituality is grasping at straws, but maybe I’ll be proved wrong.

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