Human Software Updates?

Will we augment ourselves and become one with machines as futurist Ray Kurzweil (pictured below) predicted many years ago for 2029? It definitely looks like it. Think about it, you already increase your social interactions on a daily basis using a handheld supercomputer. We spend huge chunks of our day browsing, checking facts and ‘socialising’ on the internet. We even have virtual versions of ourselves that allow others to meet and learn about us while we sleep. It is not a question of if we are going to become one with technology – our lives are already heavily reliant and interwoven with computers and electronics and this is only going to become more efficient and subtle. The result? Someone who looks totally normal but has the ability to draw from a vast database of knowledge and communicate online without a sweat. But we don’t seem to be able to multitask at present so I would imagine this will lead to even less attention being paid to reality, despite the intentions of more seamless usage. Let’s just hope we maintain the ability to relax and interact physically with others, else life might lose its joy.20140420-222551.jpg

One thought on “Human Software Updates?

  1. I’ve heard the term “IA” (Intelligence Augmentation) — in contrast to “AI” — to refer to how we can increase our intelligence via access to online information. That’s the upside of all the online connectivity.

    But powerful tools tend to have a downside. The interweb “river” is deep, wide and very, very fast. The amount of content is stunning (in both senses of the word). When I consider the full scope of the global village, I see it as a true game-changer at least on par with fire, the wheel and the printing press.

    The big question is whether it will become as shallow and mindless as most of what passes for entertainment these days, or will it become something much better. Trends seem to me to suggest the former, but I do see glimmers of push-back and good sense.

    Hopefully those seeds will sprout and bear good fruit. They’re certainly planted in an awesome pile of manure! 😀

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